Laser Tag * Arcade Games * Birthday Parties * Group Events * Enter into a world where you can suit up in ultra high-tech. laser sensored vest, move through column forest and maze-like corridors to zap your opponents and deactivate opposing teams headquarters.

Each 30 Minute Laser Tag Experience Includes:

5 Minute Briefing, 5 Minute Vesting, 15 Minute Live Action Laser Tag Game, 5 Minute De-Vesting & Scores.


All Packages Are For Laser Tag Only

No Food- No Party Room


20 Games of Laser Tag

$75.00 per person

(Save $105.00)

35 Games of Laser Tag

$120.00 per person

(Save $195.00)

50 Games of Laser Tag

$150.00 per person

(Save $300.00)

All Season Passes Are Sold On A Per Person Bases.  All Games Must Be Played By The Pass Holder And Are Valid For Five Years From Date Of Purchase.